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We Are Phiaro UI/UX team

Software and Hardware Prototyping Company

Design, Prototyping, Assembly, Consulting

We make software and hardware to make your business easier.  Just send us your design or concept, and we will build your dream!  We believe in creating custom, one of a kind solutions for your specific needs.  Our software and hardware professionals are dedicated to finding the best solution for YOU. 


There is no one exactly the same as you in this world.

Your character, personality, and individuality will create the future.

Phiaro Creative Hub / UI/UX Team



Creative Producer

I believe that new experiences  stimulate brain creativity.

When you speak from your personal experience, you are on solid ground;

you can influence people.

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    UI/UX Designer 

    Graduated in Math: 1989

    P.G In Plastic Tech: 1991

    Ma Industrial Design:1996

    Specialization: Innovation Management

    Like: making things, animal, cars audio, ai, travel, jewelry, photography.

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    Sales/Marketing Coordinator and Creative Director

    Born and raised in Tokyo, Japan.

    She has lived in the US more than half her life.


    Mai Kato has a BFA in Design from Savannah College of Arts and Design.


    Mai’s passion is the sales and marketing aspect of product development.

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      Andras Bacsi.jfif


      Research And Development Engineer, Project Leader 


      •CAD design:

      •CAE static analysis:

      •CAE dynamic analysis:

      •ADAMS MBS analysis:

      •C, C# programming:

      •Unity game engine:

      •Project management:

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      3D Printer and Vinyl Cutter Technician, Video Editor, and Translator

      Maker of all kinds of interesting things, including LEDs, since discovering 3D printing in 2018

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      IMG_1600 (002).jpg


        UI/UX Sales 

        Experience: Sales for Mockup Company includes: home appliances, optical instrument like camera, mobile device, medical device, and cosmetics 

        Like: Basketball, Camping, Pomeranian, Beer and Spicy foods.

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